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SAM Recreation and Tourism

SAM’s recreational properties located at tourism hotbeds are attractive destination for both domestic and international travelers.

SAM Tuyen Lam

Tuyen Lam Lake area is located 5 km away from the center of Da Lat City and blessed with abundant fresh air and breathtaking natural landscape: forests, mountains, lakes, streams, waterfalls … With diverse and humanitarian attractions, Tuyen Lam lake promises to be a large-scale tourism hotbed unique activities such as sightseeing, camping, resorts, honeymoon travel, sports, medical, travel , hiking, fishing, visiting wartime historical bases, festivals – religious, ethnic K’ho village, especially eco-tourism.

Located in the area, SAM Tuyen Lam is designed to embellish natural beauty and provides a unique setting with two different spaces, including:

Functional zone No. 7: a peninsula centered on the lake, separated from the rest of the Tuyen Lam tourism scene. The zone is a resort complex consisting of a 5-star hotel, 125 villas directly facing the lake and back against the mountain, 45 villas with marina access; business conference, entertainment and recreational sport facilities opened to both resort guests and visiting tourists.

Functional zones No.8: located on the east of Tuyen Lam Lake with a valley topography, surrounded by sloping hills and primeval pine forests. The area features an 18-hole golf course, golf club house and a 4-star hotel in the center of the project area. The winding road leading to the club house represents the perfect harmony of our premium complex and the beautiful surrounding hills.

The project is 5 km south of Da Lat city and 15 km north of Lien Khuong Airport. SAM Tuyen Lam is accessible by road travel through:

+ On the 5th kilometer on Highway 20, right turn on the middle of Prenn Pass for 1.5 kilometer – most convenient road for travelers from Da Lat City or HCM City with gorgeous primeval pine trees on the sides.

+ Dinh 3 Line (Trieu Viet Vuong Street) 4.2 km long, is the main route for travelers from city center to the resort.

+ From Lien Khuong Expressway, at the foot of Prenn Pass is a direct route to Tuyen Lam Lake that will lead visitors straight to SAM Tuyen Lam project.

+ Cable car line from Da Lat – Tuyen Lam – 2,3km long scenic route that’s been in use since January 2003 that can take you from Robin Hill directly to Tuyen Lam resort area.

Blossom Peninsula Resort, Tuyen Lam Lake

An area featuring natural and cultivated flower and tea fields utilized for commerce and tourisim – tourists can also harvest and package fresh organic leaves to take home. The marina resort is connected to Truc Lam Temple, Romance Square and a beautiful lakeside road.

Floral field arrangement features beautiful native flowers of Da Lat and renowned species from around the world. Flowers are planted in beds and arranged into iconic shapes or carefully crafted floral mazes that’s visible from high vantage points such as the nearby restaurant, wooden bridge ….

The breathtaking Golden camellia field is a unique exhibition of 30 different species of Camellia chrysantha open to visitors for sightseeing, tea tasting or DIY tea packaging with personalized names to bring back home as gifts.

Affectionately named the Love Road, the path alongside the peninsula is adorned on the sides with Japanese cherry trees and Da Lat natural pine shades.

The Romance Square overlooks the marina, one of the highlights of the area and especially popular with young couples. Here you will find iconic statues of love surrounded by seatings, a bridge decorated full of padlocks from couples wishing for long-lasting love and similarly the padlock tree. There are space allocated for for street art performance and festival events.

Finally, active tourists can also enjoy a variety of activities such as paint shooting, trekking, sliding tray, sliding grass, horse riding and terrain jeep rides.

SAM Tuyen Lam

  • Address: Functional Zone No. 7 and 8, Tuyen Lam Lake tourist area, Ward 3, Dist. Da Lat, Lam Dong Province
  • Phone: (063) 355 1118
  • Website: http://www.sacomtuyenlam.com.vn
  • SAM Holdings contributed capital: 99.7%

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