Development Orientation Development Orientation

Development Orientation
SAM Holdings

Development Orientation

SAM Holdings will be developed following the parent/subsidiary model.  The company will also be diversified in many forms such as joint venture, assosiates, etc. to emerge into a conglomerate in 2017.

SACOM Investment and Development Joint Stock Company constantly strives to improve and develop more in 3 strategic fields that are Wires and Cables, Real estate and Financial investments by always being ahead of the curve, never stops improving the company’s competitiveness, innovates ceaselessly and be creative in every espect from manufacturing to investments.

In addition, SAM Holdings target annual revenue growth at 20% – 30% by product diversification, investment in vertical chain as well as maintaining and improving product quality.  The company is committed to international ISO-standard operation and management practices.

SAM Holdings continue to value and cherish the relationship with our loyal partners both domestic and international.