Strategic Message Strategic Message

Strategic Message
SAM Holdings

Strategic Message

VISION: SAM Holdings’ vision is to become a Vietnamese leading conglomorate in 2020.

MISSION: With the slogan “Link Values to Faith,” Sam Holdings brings satisfaction to customers, profit for shareholders, benefit for community and abundant life both physically and mentally for all workers.


  • Co-operation and Development: Each business unit of SAM Holdings always cooperates and supports each other in order to take advantage of the company’s scale to enhance the competitive strength and strives for sustainable development.
  • Professional and Systematic: SAM Holdings takes full advantage of high-end technologyin all operating precedures to create a professional system, greatest quality and to ensure an on-time result.
  • Creativity and Sensitivity: The company always adapts what the market as well as the customers want in order to provide them with the outstanding products and services. At the same time, SAM Holdings also does our best to think out of the box and catch up with all the innovations of modern science and technology to maintain our leading advantage.
  • Understanding Customer: SAM Holdings believes that the more “in-key” it is with the customers will help the company to create the best products and services as well as meet the market demand.
  • Trend following: The company always take advantage of the market trends by observing the current direction and demands to accomodate consumers with qualitied products and services.